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The world's most wonderful island. So inexpensive I can go 3 times a year. One week each at the end of Oct., Jan. and Mar. So interesting that in 6 years I haven't worn it out. $800-1000 will do for 7-14 days. Hotel, food, drink & a motorcycle! Where else in the world can you find a town called Rat Trap that's absolutely beautiful!! Please, please, please....If you find anything in these pages that is not up to snuff, please let me know. This is a lot of material and I will not be able to keep all the addresses & phone numbers up to date by myself. Thanks!

I am a fairly adventurous type. The first two times I went to Jamaica I took tour packages. One to a very nice hotel, one to an all inclusive resort. Since then I have found my own airfare (usually US$250-300), my own hotel (usually under US$60/night) and my own transportation (usually Motorcycle, US$35-50/day). I don't exactly rough it but I try to get away as cheap as possible. I do like my comforts.

This is not a commercial page. (Although I am going to ad some ads and a link to my store to help finance this thing. Please support our advertisers. Give 'em a click and see what they're about!) In fact I'd just as soon you didn't go to Jamaica. The tourist areas are getting much too built up for my tastes. But I'd like to share my experiences. And as a favor to me, if you go to any of these places and see any of the people mentioned here, please tell them that you saw it on my internet page. They know me as Foley or Terry. Very large man with a very large beard.

  1. Would you like a little history of the island and her major cities?
    1. Jamaica  
    2. Kingston  
    3. Montego Bay  
    4. Port Antonio  
    5. Negril  
    6. Mandeville  
    7. Ocho Rios  
      Please excuse the embedded control characters in the text. Have to clean that up when I get a chance.  Of course I've been trying to get to that since '95.
  2. Care to read the Sunday edition of a great Newspaper? The Sunday Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica)
  3. Jamaican cooking is some of the finest in the world. Jamaican Recipes
  4. Your first trip to Jamaica? First Trip
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  5. Some of the resorts/hotels I have stayed at/looked at. Accommodations
  6. Some of the restaurants I have dined at/looked at. Dining
  7. How to get around the island. Transport
  8. You've heard Jamaica's unsafe? That's a load of Horsefeathers!
  9. Perhaps current news? NewsBriefs.

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